Snow Removal

Prompt professional service is the only way to describe the Snow Removal division of Euro Landscaping. For years we have been maintaining parking lots, roadways and walkways of businesses around the city. A perfect combination of the latest technology, thorough procedures, excellent machinery and well trained staff leaves our clients happy, their visitors and customers safe and properties accessible. 

+ How do we accomplish season after season of perfect snow removal and ice control?


• We employ dedicated site and office staff

• We never stop working

• We use high efficiency equipment

• We use GPS tracking systems 

• We visit sites daily to ensure accessibility

• We get to know our customers, the properties and the stakeholders

• We apply the right amount of salt

• Our experience. 

Our experience is what allows us to anticipate the needs of the season and be well prepared in advance. From devising property specific plans with the customer needs and property in mind, to internal weather monitoring systems- we have everything accounted for and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

+ Euro Landscaping Snow Removal services include:

• Daily snow and ice checks

• Parking lot and driveway clearing

• Walkway clearing and deicing

• Environmentally friendly salting

• Snow piling and relocating

• Accessibility assurance

+ Legal Information

• Bonded

• Contractor general liability insurance (<5 million)

• Public general liability insurance (<5 million)

• WSIB coverage for staff 

• Strict adherence to Health and Safety regulations