Residential Approach

Euro Landscaping’s customers deserve the best service possible. With this in mind we have outlined every step in a typical project below and made notes to show how that step will play out for you. Office staff and project managers are available every step of the way, answering questions and providing updates as the project progresses.

+ Initial Consultations
and Design

This is where we meet and begin our discussions. Customers explain what type of escape they are looking for and our designers put it on paper. Estimates for the work are then prepared and submitted to clients. 

The beginning stage is where we encounter the most hesitation from our clients. We take the time to meet and review your needs to ensure your complete satisfaction.

At the end of this stage the customer has landscape drawings and knows about the costs involved.

+ Contract, Paperwork
and Details

Once final decisions have been made you will be presented with a contract outlining the services in scope, costs and associated details.

At the end of this stage we have a written contractual agreement to all project details and our official “go ahead”.

+ Internal Organization


We will brief our team on all details associated with the project and begin drafting a plan of attack. This will include planning for vendors, materials, machinery and timing.

We will call the city to put in a notice of project.

We will call Ontario One to get locates.


The project manager and the site foreman will visit the site to validate the proposed plan against the physical specifications found.

General feasibility is considered at this stage.

(3S Planning- Site, Specifications/Sensitivities, Staff)

The team will take the original thoughts for planning and edit in accordance to what is found on site- a final plan will be devised.

Timing and a workback schedule is prepared.

Crews are scheduled and organized in accordance to needs.

All site crew and staff are briefed on final details.

At the end of this stage we have a confident view on how we will tackle the project, how long it will take and begin to prepare all materials necessary to make it happen. The back end administrative items are complete and ready for action. Customers can use this information to know what, where and when to expect construction.

+ Job Site Commencement
and Mobilization

Crews prepare equipment, head to site.

The site is prepared as per plan, areas are blocked off for materials/equipment staging and a job board is placed on site with relevant information. 

At the end of this stage you will see Euro Landscaping staff on site for the first time.

+ The Work

Site Layout/ Measurements
The crew will prepare the site for work and make all necessary markings.

Excavators are used to dig out areas for construction.

Base Preparations
Working either on excavated grounds or rough grounds (where excavation is unnecessary) all final technical preparations are done to setup the space for finishing touches like interlock.

Hardscape Installation
Interlock, retaining walls and/or concrete are installed or poured.

Clean Up
After each phase of work as well as each day the site is cleaned thoroughly.

At the end of this stage all construction work will be complete.

+ Final Touches and
Triple Checks

Final touches are done and all materials are moved from the site.

Once construction is completed, representatives from Euro Landscaping, your site and any other relevant stakeholders will meet on site to take a walk through the property. 

At the end of this stage construction will be complete, the site will be cleaned up and we will make sure you are completely satisfied with the results.

+ Client Care

We work together to make sure all of our t’s are crossed, and i’s are dotted! 

At the end of this stage the project is officially complete!

As a part of our approach we make sure to keep our clients updated every step
of the way. A work back schedule is provided at the beginning of a project and updated regularly to show project progress.