Commercial Services

+ Municipal Services

Serving our communities is a source of pride for Euro Landscaping. Whether it be maintaining our parks, or helping people get by through the preservation of good infrastructure, it is important to keep our cities clean and cared for.  All municipal projects require strong and effective stakeholder engagement practices and so we aim to work closely with municipal staff and pay careful attention to community input. 

Our municipal Services include:

• Infrastructure Renewal –road improvement, sidewalk programs, parking lot planning and design

• Stormwater Management

• Drainage System design/ build 

• Landscape Architecture

• Sports and Recreation Facilities

• Parks- construction, maintenance and improvements

• Snow Removal - We have a mechanic on staff

+ Environmental Construction

Euro Landscaping offers many services to businesses as green initiatives increasingly become an integral part of operations. The creation of green space or environmental construction can not only amplify the look of a corporate space, but also offer many functional and useable solutions. 

Our Environmental Construction services include:

• Expert Consultations

• Sustainability Experts

• Corporate Outdoor Space Construction- eating areas, meeting and lounge areas, walkways

+ Restoration and Naturalization

When it comes to restoration and naturalization, Euro Landscaping draws on its experience with the ultimate goal of providing clients with cost effective approaches that will create sustainable landscapes for years to come. 

Our Restoration and Naturalization services include:

• Restoration of Ponds and Waterways

+ Bulk Excavation

+ Erosion Control

Our Erosion Control services include:

• Hydroseeding

• Filter Logs

• Straw Bale Installation

• Silt Fencing

• Inlet Protection

+ Landscape Development

These are the projects that allow us to shine. Contact Euro Landscaping to work with you to create an outdoor space that will work for you. From planning and design through to construction and completion we will manage and coordinate the entire project. Using our staff of engineers, project managers and skilled craftsman, we will turn any space into a landscape solution that will add value to your business. Learn more about our process here to understand how we will work closely with you every step of the way, respecting your budgets, timelines and goals. 

Our Landscape Development services include:

• Full Scope Construction

• Project Management

• Design Build