Commercial Approach

Euro Landscaping’s customers deserve the best service possible. With this in mind we have outlined every step in a typical project below and made notes to show how that step will play out for you. Office staff and project managers are available every step of the way, answering questions and providing updates as the project progresses.

+ Tender

+ Contract, Paperwork
and Details 

Once final decisions have been made you will be presented with a contract outlining the services in scope, costs and associated details.

+ Internal Organization


We will brief our team on all details associated with the project and begin drafting a plan of attack. This will include planning for vendors, materials, machinery and timing.


The project manager and the site foreman will visit the site to validate the proposed plan against the physical specifications found.

(3S Planning- Site, Specifications/Sensitivities, Staff)

The team will take the original thoughts for planning and edit in accordance to what is found on site- a final plan will be devised. Timing and a work-back schedule is prepared.

+ Job Site Commencement
and Mobilization

The site is prepared as per plan, areas are blocked off for materials/equipment staging and a job board is placed on site with relevant information. 

+ The Work

Crews prepare the site and begin work. Depending on the needs of the project crews may use excavators to dig or simply remove snow and depris. All work is done according to contract specifications. Each day of work is documented in a work-back schedule given to our clients and on job boards on site. 

+ Final Touches and
Triple Checks

Once construction is completed, representatives from Euro Landscaping and all relevant stakeholders will meet on site to walk through the property.  Final touches are done and all materials are removed from site.

+ Client Care 

We work together to make sure all of our t’s are crossed, and i’s are dotted!